Adam Motley | Founder

I have been a student of the game of basketball since I was about 12. My faith grew tremendously in high school as I was challenged to play for God's glory instead of my own, and starting a basketball camp to challenge athletes in the same way has been a dream come true!

Solomon Roehl | Coach

Solomon currently plays Varsity basketball for the Lapeer Lakers team, and has helped coach teams at several different levels.

Richard Gallo | Coach

Richard has a passion for youth ministry, and played Varsity basketball at the power forward position. He once blocked a shot so hard off the backboard that it flew outside the three point line. 

Nick Bontrager | Coach

Nick has played basketball since 4th grade, and played shooting guard at the Varsity level. From late-night hoops on the driveway to homeschool state championships, Nick has put in countless hours on the court.

Colton Harris | Coach

Colton has been learning to dribble a basketball since before he learned how to walk. He played basketball for the CHAP Chariots Varsity team in Lansing Michigan while in high school, and is now a college Sophomore trying out for the Great Lakes Christian College Men’s Jr. Varsity basketball team.

No matter the team, he has a sincere desire to become a better Christ follower and basketball player each time he steps onto the court.

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Jacob Motley | Coach

Jacob is an avid student of the game of basketball, an MHSAA-licensed basketball official, and has experience as an assistant coach in the CHAP program. By day, he is a district manager for Aldi grocery stores in the Ann-Arbor and Detroit metro areas. By night, he closely tracks the NBA free agency market, hoping his increasingly horrible Knicks can sign ANY free agent.

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David Washington | Coach

David is a rising senior at Michigan State University, where he has been on the varsity track team since he was a freshman. David has been heavily involved with Athletes in Action while at Michigan State, and has a passion for mentoring younger athletes (including his own track teammates). In high school, David ran track and played football and basketball at Sexton High School, where we won multiple state championships and set several state records.

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