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My goal in running a basketball camp is to give young men the same opportunity that God so graciously gave to me: to sacrifice my pride and my ambitions for His Glory.

In middle school and high school, few things are more important to students than sports. They train, they practice, and they play to win... but why?

For many students - myself included - I played so that other people would think more of me - to be respected and admired as the best. I played for my own glory.

Through an injury, a coach, and two different teams, God graciously gave me a clear choice: play basketball on my terms, or surrender to Him and play for His Glory. Praise to God, I chose the latter!

The story doesn't end with me playing in college or the NBA; I didn't. But something even better happened - I learned to enjoy the richness of the grace of the Gospel outside the four walls of church. First on the court playing basketball, then at home with family and friends, and now at work.

So the camp is called "GLORIFY" because that is the challenge to every camper who comes: who do you play to glorify? And the back of every camp shirt has the answer:

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