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The Secret of DOMINANT Scorers

There are two kinds of offensive talent

  1. A dangerous scorer punishes players and teams that do not defend properly

  2. A dominant scorer baffles defenses and scores at will

Becoming a dangerous scorer is easy: develop offensive moves that you can make at a high percentage

Becoming a dominant scorer is just as easy, but few people know how. It is unbelievably simple:

The dominant scorer uses offensive moves in opposing pairs

By "opposing pairs", I mean that one move is a fake of the other. For example, having a good pull-up jumper makes you a dangerous scorer; if your defender fails to guard the pull-up, you will make them pay. But having a pull-up jumper and a hesitation dribble-drive makes you a dominant scorer; your defender cannot win - play the drive, and you pull up - play the jumper, and you blow right by for a layup.

Dangerous scorers can and will put up high point totals, but they also will get shut down.

Dominant scorers can be slowed, but never stopped.

This off-season, maximize training time by developing opposing pairs of offensive moves*. Here are some ideas:

  • Post players with a great hook shot: practice a fake-and-step-through (Hakeem Olajuwon made a career out of this, "The Dream Shake").

  • Three-point shooters: practice a pump-fake and escape dribble (Ray Allen has made a career of this)

*Even the smallest moves can be developed in pairs; e.g. crossovers vs. in-n-out dribble

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