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There's no doubt about it: shooting can change the flow of a game. Great players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and even LeBron James have all dominated games at times through their shooting prowess. Here's the keys to developing a good shot:

1. Start small - always warm up shooting from within 5 feet of the basket, gradually working your way out.

2. Stay in range - figure out how far away from the basket you can shoot with good form without jumping. That is your range. You should never seriously practice shooting from outside that range - it will mess up your form!

3. Stare at your target - whether you look at the front of the rim or the back, pick a specific target spot, not just the whole rim. Net clips make great targets!

Once you've mastered the first three, use these tips to start experimenting with moving shots, such as pull-up jumpers.

4. Seek Equilibrium - at the very top of your jump, you'll feel a brief second where your body "hangs" in the air; that is when you want to release the ball.

5. Stop Falling Away - when you land, see if you are coming down straight by trying to bounce on your toes. If you can't bounce, you are not on balance!

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