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Audience of One

This year, NFL quarterback Carson Wentz used the "my cleats, my clause" promotion for his charity"AO1" (Audience of One). But what does "Audience of One" mean?

It means when we play our sport, we worship: not our parents, our coaches, or ourselves, but God alone.

We GLORIFY Him in our sport and our life.

(see what I did there?)

Here are clarifications I found helpful*

  • It DOESN’T mean try to earn God's approval by winning. It DOES mean playing with a mindset that He deserves all the praise.

  • It DOESN’T mean God will help you win. It DOES mean that win or lose, God’s kingdom keeps the game in perspective. You can be disappointed in a loss and excited in a win without losing sight of your purpose.

  • It DOESN’T mean you never struggle with in-game anxiety, nor does it mean you cannot feed off the crowd or ride the momentum created by game situations. It DOES mean that you can experience a peace that transcends understanding in the midst of whatever the game brings.

  • It DOESN’T mean you are perfect in your performance or lifestyle. It DOES mean that you walk humbly with God each day, trusting Him despite your imperfections and failures along the way.

  • It DOESN’T mean you no longer care what your coaches, teammates, school or organization think about you or your performance or that you’re not fully committed to your team. It DOES mean you can play with complete freedom because God’s unconditional love for you is what really matters.

  • It DOESN’T mean you never feel lousy when you perform poorly. It DOES mean you play with freedom, finding your identity in being a child of God because His love toward you depends on who He is, not on your performance!

* Adapted from "What Does It Mean to Play for an Audience of One?" by Ed Uszynski of Athletes in Action. The full article can be accessed here

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