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Perfect Practice

Basketball season probably ended within the last two weeks. If you make a post-season run, you may have a week or two left. But once the season ends, training for next season begins! Yep, we talking about PRACTICE

The key to training is both quality and quantity. No one needs to tell you that practicing more will help you improve. But here are a few ways to mix up your next gym session:

  • Speed: once you get the form of a drill down, do the drill at game speed. So many players practice the basics (like layups) slowly, and then find themselves missing easy plays once they hit game speed.

  • Intensity: mentally dial in for Every. Single. Drill. Be fast, be powerful, and be focused in your practice.

  • Variation: after you've mastered a particular shot or move at game speed, do NOT just move on. Make minor changes and see how you handle it. Change the angle of your approach for a layup, start with your left leg instead of your right, or string moves together. Simulate as many game-like situations as you can and challenge yourself!

Shameless plug: GLORIFY basketball camp is a great opportunity to hone your basketball training! The coaches have worked and played at a high level, and they will challenge you to push your speed and intensity during the variety of drills you'll be exposed to!

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