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GLORIFY '18 - what's new?

Registration for GLORIFY 2018 will be opening soon in a few weeks... but what are you signing up for? Thanks to feedback from campers, parents, and coaches; this year will be a mix of old and new. Keeping the best, and improving the rest!*

*Pardon the cheesy rhyme

What's new:

  • Ages are expanded - Camp this year has been expanded to be grades 6-12

  • New Drills - We updated the drills from last year, and added advanced drills for experienced players

  • More Speakers - we are excited to bring in amazing speakers to spiritually challenge campers

Here to stay:

  • Our mission is unchanged: we commit to focus on challenging young men to glorify God with their whole lives

  • Coaches - our coaches last year did an amazing job, and I am eager to have many of them back!

  • The challenge: The program is designed to minimize standing around; be prepared for a lot of scrimmages and game-speed drills. Spiritually, our goal is still to push campers to think differently about basketball, God, and the Gospel!

  • The format: you can expect the same camp routine

  • Start with some warm-ups

  • Move into traditional drills focusing on the skills of the day

  • Situational drills to help players apply those skills to a game

  • A continued emphasis on scrimmages - this is where the most learning and the most fun is!

  • An engaging devotional at the end of camp

  • Small group break-out sessions to discuss and apply the devotional

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