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God, Competition, and Sports

Have you struggled with how to fit worship, godliness, and competition together? I hope I'm not the only one! A few of my favorite books on this topic are below (click title for link to Amazon purchase page).

The Reason For Sports - Ted Kluck. Mr. Kluck used to write for ESPN, and has some incredible life experiences to share - including interviewing Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson, and playing professional arena football in Europe as a long snapper!

Just Do Something - Kevin DeYoung. I have been guilty of over-analyzing decisions; this book concisely lays out how to find and follow God's will. This is not athletics-specific, but a great book for anyone making big decisions!

Don't Waste Your Sports - C.J. Mahaney. A great book on the role sports should play in the life of a Christian. SUPER short, but filled with truth.

Little Black Book for Athletes - Blaine Bartel. Short book; each chapter is written by a different author, and details the spiritual lessons that they learned through a variety of sports.

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